Weddinton is a wedding services and solutions website. We are a one-stop wedding site that aims to provide you with all your wedding needs.

We offer all sorts, from a do-it-yourself wedding planning application designed specifically for a Nigerian wedding, to a gift store where you can create a wedding gifts wish-list, to amazing wedding services discounts and deals.

How the wedding planner app works:

1. On the menu bar, click the wedding planner app tab and create an account.

2. Edit your profile and settings to start using all the tools available in the wedding planning application.

3. Browse through our vendor list for contact details of several vendors.

4. Browse through our Deals and Discountssection to see all the vendors offering discounts, and the values (or percentages) of the discounts.

5. Contact any of the vendors offering discounts that you are interested in. Forward the confirmation email you received when you registered (which contains an alpha-numeric code) to them, and you will be given the stated discount(s) on services or goods purchased.


We Offer Awesome Support

For more information, please send an email to: info@weddinton.com.
For help, assistance and other forms of customer service: admin@weddinton.com